Today we decided to show you a few quick and funny ideas fromainteriors.

The cabinets from the hallway or in the kitchen could use a rainbow color scheme.This cool set features seven different shades of the rainbow.You can also create an interesting design with these colored cabinets and they can match perfectly your current interior design.If you feel really talented and talented you can draw stunning landscapes on these cabinets and make your home look amazing.

Rainbow Room Decor Ideas From ? Photo 2

These cabinets perfectly fit in an interior setting, whether it is a modern one or a traditional setting.The cabinet set can be cool and original, but also be suitable for simpler spaces.Personally I like the third color, the turquoise.

Rainbow Room Decor Ideas From ? Photo 3

Performance-hung toilets with LED lighting and color-changing furniture are also a modern and cool idea.In this case the colour-chicken becomes very handy, especially if you have a small bathroom to paint with, as the reflection of the water from the inside can create a splendid visual effect.{found on Hiconsumption}.

Here’s another brilliant idea of how you can decorate your home with color: the living room. In this case the choice of furniture and accessories makes a big difference. The orange coffee table reflects the strong colours that are currently in vogue, the blue sofa and the white vanity combinig these colours in a great way.{found on Nouveaublog}.

Above you can see another great example of how a color works in your favor. We have here also a white cabinet that , in combination with a slightly darker shade from the wall color, creates a great contrast.

A great idea is to use wallpaper along the ceiling. This brilliant solution is perfect if you have a kid who is just a bit older and is just learning how to use the world and all its secrets. Just take a look at this amazing photograph and you will see what I mean.

When you are a parent, it’s hard to let all the little things slip away and hide behind a stylish curtain. So here’s an idea for you: instead of keeping them in a drawer, try to hide them in a beautiful linen closet . It’s better than having forgotten items around the house, all tangled up. This neat idea will help you keep your home neat and clean.{found on mom4real}.