This collection of beadboard wall art is probably something you’ve already seen or at least heard about. It’s an unusual way of covering the walls and not necessarily because of the artistic nature of the project but because when you take a step back you realize that this is a great way of decorating a small room with unexpected, but beautiful, artwork. In this case the designer crossed the threshold of depicting the living room in a completely different way.

The living room is a room that could easily get cluttered, with all the furniture like lamps, cupboards and shelves, all of which serve to hide places where someone might want to hide. That’s why the living room needs to be bright but also cozy and pleasant as well. One way of achieving that was using the beadboard wall art. This way the wall serves two functions, he first it acts as a storage space and then it becomes a focal point for the room and thus creates an unexpected but beautiful décor.

You can naturally choose which color you want on your beadboard wall and in case you’re not happy with your choice you can always ask a professional to help you with the project.{found on modernjanedesign}

Beaded Wall Art For Vintage-modern Interiors Photo 3