Everyone can do a thing for their home, especially when decorating their personal space with artwork. The knitted is very popular and it has some simple and beautiful techniques that can be used to make wonderful decorative items for our homes.DIY shelves are a great idea. It’s a great way to rewrite the story of your home. You can turn that lonely space into a collectable collection of decorative items, a place where you can display everything that you love. You can use all sorts of elements, not just as a collection but as a whole collection.

diy shelf ideas differ from person to person and from person to family. That’s why each one of them presents its own unique features and characteristics. But, generally, a DIY project is considered to be an improvement and a way of making something useful, not necessarily useful or pleasant. The examples presented in this case are either DIY or master piece of furniture that will definitely inspire you.

The first project is a diy shelf that uses a leather belt buckle as an ingenious and clever storage solution. It’s a great way of adding a vintage touch to your home. To complete the look you can also use a leather belt in another way. You can use it as a belt holster for the closet.

The second project is a pair of open shelves made of plywood. In this case the supply of plywood used comes from your local hardware store. If you try to use it to make shelves similar to these ones you’ll have to cut the plywood into even smaller pieces, to make sure you don’t have too many material that you have to measure and plan for the shelves. After you cut the plywood, you can screw it together and there you have it: two shelves.These shelves can be used as more than just shelves. They can be a great way of displaying small items like photos, jewelry boxes, titles or any other thing you usually keep on your desk.

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