There is no place like a garden in any house, home or apartment. There is always a great mood waiting for us, a peaceful ambiance that relaxes us and makes us feel at ease. One of the most appreciated methods of easing this effect is the use of flowers. Besides the fact that they bring life into the house, flowers also act as a subconscious influence on us, like when they are used as table tops, candle sticks, decorative items.

There are tons of ideas of how some people choose to decorate their garden bridge. The choice depends on the taste, imagination and budget used for the project. Let’s take for example this picture of a bridge made of two side garden bridges. As you can see, they seem to be surrounded by flowers, and create a very peaceful ambiance.

This Bridge Bookcase is an interesting combination of paintings and bookshelves, which result in a very versatile building product which can be used both in the garden, but also outdoors. Although the model presented here is a little more modern, there is no reason why you couldn’t use some old wooden furniture to get such a result. The fact that all the pieces were painted in white gives it a more contemporary look.

Garden Bridge Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away Photo 1

A little bit of imagination is all you need to make something like this happen. Although the visual effect is very beautiful and impressive, I think this little bridge’s functional aspect is more important and appreciated. Just imagine how easy it would be to build something like this, you just need some basic tools and materials, and also to have a lot of patience.

Garden Bridge Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away Photo 2