There’s something about sitting outside in a quiet place and just being yourself, your own little universe. It’s why it’s so important to create a special space that’s safe, comfortable and magical for its user. Often people use a teepee or a shed as a substitute for a real bed but it’s not the best option for special occasions, holidays or just for protection from curious dogs and other animals. Some people even decide to create their own outdoor teepee, a space where they can be and where they can be as daring and as rich as they want.

This lovely structure is the perfect answer to one of those problems. Designed by Häusleiner and manufactured by Cybe D’Opie, the Patio Furniture is a very versatile and very cheap picnic table. Using wooden dowels as supports, the table looks like a miniature house. Notice all the furniture that looks like a vintage style plus the rustic look and the simplicity of the design makes it perfect for a rustic outdoor setting. It’s the perfect choice for a summer days when you don’t want to get inside your house and avoid interacting with nature.

The Patio Furniture is very easy to dismantle and reatthe just about any type of tree and you can also use as a natural protection against the sun. Its dimensions are 24?Wx24?Dx18?H and it costs $19.99.

Diy Outdoor Teepee Tent In A Forest Clearing Photo 4