Almost anything is cute if it has a picture that looks nice on it. And since we like to keep things as safe as possible, here’s an idea of a picture frame that you can hang on the wall in your home. It’s a very simple and creative way of decorating your home. We have selected the pictures that we like. They are French landscape paintings that we like.

We were inspired by the French manicury of the 1840s and we found them on the etsy web site. At $2.95 they cost 93$. This means amazing a picture could become Susan Wilson’s masterpiece. You might be able to do similar pictures using a larger frame.

The main idea of this project is to take a standard 16 x 20 inch frame and divide it in four equal parts. This will become the frame for the picture. Of course, you can always use more pictures or pictures, certainly not as large as this one.

Picture Frames Decoration Ideas Photo 3

Here are the materials that you’ll need for this project: two 10? x 10? butcher paper picture frames, two 18? x 18? picture frames with at least nine (nine if you wish to measure the whole frame separately), one 18? x 10? frame masking tape, one 10? x 8? frame masking tape, one 10? x 10? frame masking tape, one 10? x 8? frame masking tape, one 10? x 8? frame masking tape and two large scissors.

If you wish to recreate the design from the pictures, then you should use two butcher paper picture frames, three 10? x 10? grids of butcher paper, scissors, glue and a pen. First trim four pages from the frame, cut the excess and glue the first 10? x 10? grid to the back of the frame. Use a large piece of glue to attach the picture to the frame. Attach the picture and you’re done!

The picture that you’ll be creating will look very similar to the design Thomson and Vibia’s paper airplane painting.For further details visit our online store.