Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Studio Design Ideas For Your Kid

Kids are never kept far away from technology. If you want them you need to find a way to store them for a long time period. They also need a space for recreation or other types of activities. As a […]

Picture Frames Decoration Ideas

Almost anything is cute if it has a picture that looks nice on it. And since we like to keep things as safe as possible, here’s an idea of a picture frame that you can hang on the wall in […]

Rustic Window Shutter Face And Shelf

Everyone likes privacy, feel isolated and boxed in. But when you are home, life is way too involved and you can’t have the coziness you like at home. The best way to cope is to look out the window and […]

Banner Diy Apartment Interior Design

This is the home of Scott and Raggers family, a Seattle-based couple. It’s a contemporary flat with a modern interior and I can only describe it as a modern take on a mountain chalet. Scott and Ricky since moved in […]

Starburst Mirror From Horchow

Just in time for spring, a Dutch designer Roel van Norewski designed a magnificent mirror table. More precisely, the Norel mirror collection is a series of handcrafted murals that are meant to represent a tree, whether it’s a real one […]

Poka Dot Stickers For Kids Room

There are parts of the house that we wish to decorate and parts that are not so useful. When it comes to kids room wallpaper, it is always frustrating because the selection of colours and effects is so little, and […]

Bedroom Dividers From Arbor House

Discordia is a very interesting and fascinating place. It’s not a common combination of colors, especially not the strong ones. However, this doesn’t make it less impressive. You can see that in the interior décor of this beautiful place from […]

Shutter Ideas For Your Home

When you’re planning to remodel or update your home you need to come up with a new and original approach. You don’t necessarily have to replace everything and turn it all modern and new. You can simply make small changes […]