There are parts of the house that we wish to decorate and parts that are not so useful. When it comes to kids room wallpaper, it is always frustrating because the selection of colours and effects is so little, and the themes that are available are just awful. Most parents become too lazy to figure out what the themes of the room should be, and sometimes it is just begging for someone to go ‘on the wall’.

This was the case of my mum. She insisted on adding a colourful mural on the wall instead of painting the walls! Nothing more like home decorating to me! The festive climate suggested that this was how we wanted to go for the Christmas decorating, so I happily complied. In fact we are delighted to show you this how to make a great wall sticker art piece for your kid’s bedroom!

We have all seen the old black and white photographs of parents with children all plastered on the wall, or even combing chalkboard surfaces. It is a great way to give them a space for to sketch with, but rarely they draw on them and change the landscape. As far as the stickers are concerned this is all about decorating the wall with your favourite phrase or Bible verse.

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The stickers are available in a number of themes and colors to suit your mood and taste. And because they are (mostly) wall hangings I thought I would show you how to make them yourself, and not just a cute white ‘H Hog’. Because a house with a Scandinavian style and Scandinavian style will make you pamper your kids with, no matter what their age.

Here is what you will need:

Here is what you will need:


1. First of all make sure that the wooden sticks are cut to the desired dimensions.

2. Here is what you need to do:

1. Clean the wooden sticks and trim them to the point where you would like them to be.

2. Now you are ready to spray paint them using white paint. I have used a metallic gold spray paint but the gold furniture piece will give it a fine finish which I thought was quite satisfactory.


[1. Performing the ‘H Hog’ – if you are using a wooden hog as a wallpaper, then you should have to apply a high gloss paint to the entire surface.

2. Painting is not only possible, but it also reflects a certain mood, and is universally loved because the last thing you need is for it to get scratched, cracked, have some yellow spots, or all of all those kinds of blemishes associated with the paint.

[2. The Hogs – the wooden stuffed animals that have certain specific characteristics and which are lethal when handled and sold as party favors at parties are hogs being turned into decorations in the hands of well known kids. These hangers have been used for ages, especially in brand new buildings, when they are kids.

[3. Let them do whatever you want them to do, like eat, drink, write, etc.


[3. There is a long leash that can be used to transport the hangers in the house from one room to another.

[4. They are easy to store and they also make lovely accessories for the house.


[5. Kid-friendly – they are fun, curious, and also treasure hunting.


[6. Parents especially enjoy keeping these wooden pieces handy in the nursery room.