If you want to create a special atmosphere and a particular space, you can try to do that by using materials like metal for example. You can combine this with other natural materials, like wood for example. Here’s a very beautiful kitchen design, actually made up of salvaged wood, with an industrial touch.

The salvaged wood was reclaimed from old barns and houses and used to cover the entire floor of the kitchen. It’s a particularly good choice because it gives the kitchen a very choppy look. It has a vintage look and it’s perfect for a rustic home or a mountain retreat. The kitchen features solid hardwood floors and beautiful hardwood slats that create the perfect contrast with the metal metal work table top. The hardwood floors are covered with hand-brushed oak boards and the metal ceilings are made of iron.

Metal Floor Rustic Wooden Kitchen Photo 2

The kitchen is actually a small dining room that also features a metal staircase. There’s also a large kitchen island that also includes some extra storage. There’s also a service area with a stove, a fridge and a large sink. The dining room also includes a custom made gas fireplace and a large dining table.

Other impressive features are the stunning views over the mountains and the surrounding landscape. Moreover, the house also has a back yard that could be used as an additional living room or media room. There’s also a master bedroom and two guest suites. Overall, this is a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very appealing design and the colors are very beautiful as well. It’s a great place for relaxation the spa can be reached via the bathtub.