If you’re the type that likes being enclosed in a certain room and keeping all the natural light away from other plants, then you’ve probably noticed that spring is coming. So what are you waiting for? Esuoh House is a contemporary residence located in Ehmen, the Netherlands. It was designed by UUfie. It has a very interesting design and architecture and it’s not one of those homes that have something typical that looks like a standard house.

That’s because the design is unusual and raw and unfinished. The house is designed in raw steel. The steel structure is split in two sections that form two levels of varying heights in which the two sections divide the house. This gives the structure a dynamic and unique look. The steel sheets form both the facades and the roof and they are organized in regular spaced going up to 7 m high, which is an extreme minimalist design and also a practical look that suits the site incredibly.

The house is extremely versatile. It can be used as a permanent residence or as a holidays hideaway. It’s a contemporary construction that would make a great family home. The upper level is actually the outdoor living space, used at all times, so the lower level accommodates the lower bedroom and the storage area.