In an effort to create some contrast and to bring more natural light into the complex, the architect Estúdio Martins have integrated a vertical garden into a concrete bunker. It sits in the backyard and it’s surrounded by a wooden fence which allows it to be admired from the living room and the living area. This way the garden gets a private audience but at the same time it gets to immediately contact with the green park.

The house is formed of a concrete structure and it has a very rich interior design. It’s a very dynamic home as the underground level has been designed to house the gardens and the living spaces. The second floor features a wooden deck that can be accessed via a large sliding door.

Vertical Garden In An Urban Environment Photo 2

The upper level contains the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The exterior of the house is covered with grass. The interior is very simple. The rooms have white walls and modern décor throughout. The furniture is modern, minimalist even and the decorations are artistic and striking. They are a great way of emphasizing the contrast between the interior and the exterior and the way the house interacts with the site.{found on archdaily}.