This is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of holiday retreats. Wooden shutters are, however, much more spectacular and unusual. Wooden ruffles can make wonderful alternatives to the plain glass windows which, in this case, definitely suits the season. This is a mini-house designed by David Whoever. It’s a wooden-roofed cottage in the middle of nature and it’s simply perfect for the outdoor area.

The cottage was designed specifically to blend in and to become a part of the landscape. Its size and color help this attempt. The exterior is quite small and compared to the flat roof section it’s definitely a small presence but it compensates with its round shape, the perfectly framed windows and the overall charming atmosphere.

The interior design is eclectic and features a fusion of styles. The exposed wooden beams make the space feel warm and welcoming ahead of all the neutral colors and natural wood elements. The ceiling is decorated with traditional columns and the lighting in here are very charming. The wooden floor is covered with a sun-bleached pine that creates a nice micro-climate and covers the entire area.

Old Wooden Shutters Turned Into Smart, Open Holiday Paces Photo 3

A wooden house with a contemporary design and a double-height entrance is located in the Czech Republic and was designed by Eanka Johansen. The roof has a symmetrical design, with a raised terrace that gives the cottage a traditional look. Turquoise accent features accentuated by the side curtains and window frames, the most eye-catching element in the entire space.