It’s always nice to add some character to the bathroom. Antique tubs may be more difficult to style because they tend to be more associated with traditional homes. However, if you’re looking for something different, something that would capture the essence of the 21st century trends in design – check out this antique copper tub that we found on STDs. It’s actually a great focal point in this traditional bathroom.

The copper tub is a great accent feature for this bathroom. It looks incredibly stylish and it really brings out the beauty in the décor. Of course, the fact that the room also has black walls also has some wonderful impact. This room also benefits from a black and white décor. Green is the color of choice for the accent features.

This contemporary bathroom is already intriguing. It has beautiful white walls featuring a minimalist black and white design with green appearing on the wallpaper and on the antique mirror. The wooden floors have a beautiful finish and they help create an elegant and warm atmosphere. What’s also interesting is the dimension of this space.

This is an interesting approach. The green decorative wall makes the room feel larger and the walls have been painted white. This way the contrast is stronger and the décor is easily balanced.

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