Shower curtains have an important role in the overall décor of a bathroom. Even though they are a great accessory, they also need to be space-conscious and to take little space. This particular shower curtain features a simple and classic design but it also has a modern twist.

The shower curtain is made from 100% silk and it features a diamond pattern with white and black stripes. It’s a simple detail but it has a strong effect on the décor. Moreover, the diamond pattern is a symbol of royalty so it’s likely that you’ll get some beautiful formal decorations for the bathroom. For a minimalist look you can opt for the minimalist umbrella curtain with integrated stand, perfect for the bathroom window. You can also include one or two curtain rods and you can even take advantage of the space above the toilet for a stylish, practical shower curtain.

Shower curtains are great mainly for practical reasons. They keep the water from getting into the plumbing area and they also prevent it from getting all tangled up in your bathroom. Even though technically it’s not a must-have, shower curtains are an element that can make your bathroom look more appealing and at the same time they are an opportunity to add some color and texture to the décor.