In the bathroom, you want as much storage as possible. For that you need to choose the right type of shelves. Built-in shelves are very practical because they don’t occupy any space. Moreover, they provide you with a place to store a few things that you might not have in the bedroom or in the living room. If you’re missing some towels or you’ve got some other need, there’s always the second option: a rack that you can just hang from the ceiling.

Built-in shelves that are placed on the walls are particularly useful in the bathroom because they don’t take space on the surfaces where you mount the bathtub. In the bedroom, you could have a shelf or two on which you can store a few things or that you can display a few pictures, books, etc.

There are also other types of shelves that you could opt for. Built-in shelves also create a more cohesive bathroom décor and they fit beautifully in the room. They’re also a good choice if you have a tub and you want to create a uniform design in the room.

In the laundry room, shelves are perfect for storing your everyday clothes. If you also have a drying rod then you can have two or three shelves on which to store the laundry balls.

If you’re short on space, instead of a large sink maybe it would be beneficial to have a cabinet with open shelves, like a minimalist wall-mounted one. You can have it replaced or built into the bathroom furniture of choice, like a dresser or a cabinet.

Another place where open shelves could be very useful is the laundry room. There are lots of things that need storage in the bathroom, from towels to lotions and cosmetics. Built-in shelves can be added to the cabinets or placed on the countertops.