Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Office Coffee Station By Megabudka

Architect Anna Maria Vasnini from Megabudka located in Moscow Oblast, Russia, designed a an amazing office coffee station for a Russian Airlines Group. The project was carried out in 2011 and has team of architects: Oleg Econom, Simonitis Frommakov, Alena […]

Kitchen Shelf Ideas With Storage

When furnishing the kitchen, we want to find space for all the necessary things that we need. We also want them to look nice and we want them to be simple and functional. We’re not always very choise about the […]

Idea Doors From Umbra

Etymology is hard to define. I don’t know which word better describes my taste when it comes to interior design or dress factor. It’s a sense or an attitude or something that is expressed by someone or something. Someone says […]

Closet Options For Stylish Storage

Designers and home owners are constantly changing and innovating. In addition, more and more homes are becoming a part of the family residence. So it’s natural to want to make sure that the house feature a well-organized storage area for […]

Tiny Closets For Tiny Bedrooms

Do you want a small but efficient bedroom, but with a design that doesn’t really allow you to do anything else? Well, a good idea would be to opt for tiny closets and, of course, this means that you’ll have […]