Architect Anna Maria Vasnini from Megabudka located in Moscow Oblast, Russia, designed a an amazing office coffee station for a Russian Airlines Group. The project was carried out in 2011 and has team of architects: Oleg Econom, Simonitis Frommakov, Alena Makagon and Darya Kapinsky.

The project consists of a multi-purpose coffee station for the airline, train and cargo platforms and it has an area of 35 square meters.

Office Coffee Station By Megabudka Photo 2

The whole building is decorated in black and white, a vast space which includes not only offices spaces but also entertainment areas and counseling spaces.

The project had to relate to the urban environment of the city and to the contrasting regional atmosphere of the area. As a result it got a contrasting design with modern elements and with opaqueness.

The entrance area is characterized by a minimalist design, which makes it stand out even more due to its black look. The existing stairs give it a wooden look and are made of wood while the other aesthetic choices are made of stainless steel and wood.{found on archdaily}