Barcode Architects designed two urban projects that we find interesting. The first one is the Shokan House and it’s a apartment building located in North Shokan, Hidalgo, in the Eastern part of the city. The second project is the Ace Hotel. It was designed in 2012 and it’s a hotel complex aiming to break the monotony and to create a welcoming but also dramatic place.

The architects designed two different apartments and they made sure to offer their guests a unique experience. Some of the apartments have high ceilings, some are also small and some are just for exhibition. They also offer panoramic views of the city and the surrounding areas. Their interior designs are a combination of rustic and modern elements with tasteful decorations and accessories.

The Ace Hotel was designed as a place where guests can relax and feel comfortable but also which can offer them a unique and memorable experience. Two types of spaces are used: the private area of the apartment and the area intended for social gatherings. The first type is a large social area where the owners can meet with friends, socialize, have fun and relax.

The area right across from the entrance is called the “hill hotel” and it’s open to the public. It features an open kitchen, a dining area and a large living room and it’s been labeled as such. The second type is the “riverfront apartment”. It’s meant to feel like an oasis, a getaway place where the owners can relax and feel the adrenaline rush.

Each type has its own characteristics and they can all be seen through the fact that the apartment features so many unique details and decorations. Even though it’s split personality, the apartment is like a whole. It’s a very tasteful home, a very warm and inviting place to spend the holydays.{found on apartmentteraphy}