Managing to keep a decor that is just right for your home is not easy. No matter how big and imposing a home is, at some point it will start to look boring and old. The solution can be simple, but often too simple and boring. A decor that is too simple with a twist or too crazy with too many conflicting trends will give you the uncomfortable situation that you also wish you could just skip over it.The first design incorporates a niche for a table lamp. Its shape is perfect for those who are afraid of clean and clear minimal linens.

A couple of poles, made of wood, hold the table lamp there although the lamp shade can be folded to occupy a square area in the floor lamp. The two poles are strategically positioned to keep a lamp warm at night and casting light from it can give you a beautiful visual effect as beautiful and as functional as a floor lamp.

Red Floor Lamps By Josep Ruà Spatial Designer Photo 2

The table lamp, in different materials and colours, can be a unique feature in your room. If you are a creative person who likes to personalize their spaces and love the taste of design, you can apply this idea when decorating the living room, the bedroom or the living room. Among the various combinations of colours you can create your own design by using a different lamp shade, a complementary one or maybe all three. A tribute to Molteni and Caserati there is a combination of the two that gives this lamp its flavor.Available for 69$