Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bedroom Ceiling Light By Robson Rak

Traditional bedroom lamps are usually big and big because they take little space and they also provide you with the perfect illumination. However, since the customers demanded an unusually high ceiling for their bedroom, architects from Robson Rak had to […]

Unique Upholstery Fabrics By Lauer Blanche

Furniture made using distinctive new upholstery fabrics by Lauer Blanche is quite popular these days.Comfortable and soft, the new collections of Lauer Blanche fabrics aim to surprise and delight.The selection will be made in secrecy, with the fabric set to […]

Colorful Sofa By Patricia Urquiola

The sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. It’s the piece that then seamlessly transitions into the rest of the décor. The transition is easy because the sofa has a very simple design. It features an elegant and chic […]

Unique Upholstery Fabrics By Lolla

The new look for upholstered furniture is the result of a collaboration between Italian brand Lolla and fashion designer Manal Elou. The bold colors and attention to detail are the result of a collaboration that let the two creatives come […]

Bedroom Ceiling Light By DeGrowth

We love light fixtures that make a big statement, and that’s what we got our hands on with this bedroom ceiling light by DeGrowth. This modern, metal sheet filter light creates a soft, ambient glow reminiscent of the clear blue […]

Fun Light Fixtures By Bengo Studio

Bridge is a new and very interesting project designed by Erik Andersson Copenhagen. The name is very suggestive for the design. The light it gives is very soft and beautiful. This is not the typical pendant lamp or chandelier. The […]

Orange Furniture By Massimo Castagna

Orange is an interesting color. It’s not as common as black, red or the complementary yellow. It’s a beautiful color, somewhat dark, especially when used with grey. But, even though this color is very powerful and unique, it would be […]