The new look for upholstered furniture is the result of a collaboration between Italian brand Lolla and fashion designer Manal Elou. The bold colors and attention to detail are the result of a collaboration that let the two creatives come up with a fresh idea, really different from the usual ones. In addition, the furniture is also made of 100% wool.

The Swirl sofa is a very simple piece of furniture. It has a compact design and it’s not meant to impress or to stand out but rather to blend in with the rest of the décor and to become a submissive partner to all the chaos around it. In addition to that, the sofa also features a soft and comfortable finish. The texture is bold and vibrant, in combination with the simplicity of the design. The color combination is balanced but also simple.

The Swirl sofa is available in two versions, one for indoor use and one for outdoor spaces. The outdoor version features mesh and cotton upholstery. In terms of shape and design, the sofa has a very sculptural and artistic form. It’s a sort of hybrid between the traditional model and the modern and contemporary ones. It’s a rather unusual piece of furniture but it’s also a very functional addition to the outdoor area that can be used as a seating area.