There is no such thing as a dull season, as everybody loves the holidays and nothing gets more beautiful than a festive atmosphere. People especially love to celebrate the arrival of new family members, so in order to do such a thing, a workshop was created in a workshop located in Northern Germany.

It is a temporary building that can be situated on a marsh area. However, this special sleeping pod needs a permanent base for your little one, as he would definitely need a place to sleep after leaving home, and this is a matter of fact. So the project was born. The sleeping pod is not sold in stores, but on a commission basis, so if you want to be the first to offer it as a gift, you will have to do your research and choice wisely.

The pod is made from a hardwood frame covered with Lyocell polyfoam that is heat treated and fired in order to be malleable, which is perfect in the humid environment of the children’ s room. The three sides of the pod are segmented in order to provide them all the necessary comfort and privacy, and the center section is a strong mattress that is covered with a super soft layer of super lightweight polyfoam that allows the child to lie still while taking a shower.

Diy Sleeping Pod For Winter Season By Instructables Photo 3

The sleeping pod is not recommended to be placed near children who are afraid of heights. However, it is perfect for a couple or a single kid who loves his privacy and who does not mind his presence in a crowded house. The pod can be easily unfolded and stuffed with soft material, so as to create a comfortable place where the kid can have his own space and keep his belongings.{found on instructables}