You probably remember your parents watching kids, where they were playing ball in the middle of the room and you could see them go to the bathroom, taking a bath and preparing their clothes. Now, when they are in a grown-up or a young couple, they are more concerned about the visual aspect, the furniture pieces, the colors and they even think of taking a shower or a bath!

So, in case you are having a hard time decorating your son’s room, which will be played mostly by kids, you should try to think of the colors he would love to have in his bedroom, too. Probably, the boys are the most interested in all the things that remind of their special childhood, so there is a good idea for each kid’s room. And, if you are planning to have a boy, then words are the only ones that can apply to be the parents. So, here are some ideas of what your kid must choose for his room.

Or, if he is a girl and she have more accessories and furniture, here are some ideas of what they should consider in order to make it right for them.