Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

French Door Ideas Guide

Doors are an integral part of every entryway, interior or exterior. They are the first things people see before they enter a space, the signal to give your guest a tour, the first piece of furniture they see before they […]

Ikea Room Dividers

In our homes we have all sort of belongings and we want to keep them in sight so that nobody see them. This means that bedroom is the worst. We always try to hide them in drawers under the bed […]

Living Roo-city In Brooklyn, NY

This cozy apartment is located in Brooklyn, New York City. It covers a surface of 250 square feet and it has spacious rooms and a functional interior décor. The apartment is currently for sale for $278,000. It features an airy […]

Fireplace Mantel Ideas

Fireplaces tend to be a particular area of the house that always tends to attract people. No matter it’s the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen, fireplace mantel can become a beautiful attraction points and often a meeting point. […]

Circle Beds By Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bardi is a young designer and artist based in Milan, Italy. She uses collage and skewing techniques to create her unique sculptural installations and furniture. One of her creations is the Bone Furniture Mountain Bed. As you can see […]

Polka Dot Sticker DIY Key Holder

Decorative key holders are a great way of adding character and personality to the home. Available in a wide variety of designs, polka dot stickers are the perfect choice for those looking to adorn their home with their unique flair. […]