Decorative key holders are a great way of adding character and personality to the home. Available in a wide variety of designs, polka dot stickers are the perfect choice for those looking to adorn their home with their unique flair. This key holder is a great way to keep all your keys close to sight when you go walking out the door!



1. Start by spraying the key holder with white acrylic paint. This step is optional if you choose a spray-painted model or just spray two coats on one side (this is recommended if you don’t have plain white keychains).

Polka Dot Sticker DIY Key Holder Photo 4

2. Once the first color is dry, tape off the backing of the key holder and place it on your piece of wood. It may feel cool to dry the paint a few times, but it’s much easier to use a brad nailer to secure the wood pieces together.

Polka Dot Sticker DIY Key Holder Photo 5

3. Next, use sandpaper to lightly sand the painted halves of the key holder. Use a small piece and steady it onto the board where you want the polka dots to form.

4. Once you’ve sanded the board, take a piece of cloth and press it down in the polka dot shape (the dots should be about 1-1/8” away from the back of the key holder). Press down firmly for several minutes, then move the cloth around the polka dots for a nice rounded look.

5. Finish off the rest of the polka dots by spray painting the bottom half of the chevron pattern onto the bottom half of the key holder. Let the paint dry completely.

6. Lastly, use a large nail or something similar to press into the polka dots at the bottom of the key holder. The key holder will form a sort of hole at the bottom of the key holder. Using the nail as a guide, secure the polka dots in place.

How do you like the look of this key holder? I’m a little bit in love with it!