Do you ever come across cool wall art that you absolutely love but can’t figure out what to put in or how to display it? I can answer that question. But what to do with all those cool, beautiful things you’ve collected? I recently hit a wall with a beautiful mesh installation of sorts. It’s something I’d done on a whim, and for years it was my only wall art installation. But, here’s an example:

It’s not hard to DIY some of these wall art DIYs. For example, you can make a map of your city (or whatever city you love) and display it for all your guests to see, right inside your frames. It’s a lovely way to personalize your home and is a great project to take on if you’re looking for something low-budget but can make a big visual impact.

Cool Wall Art DIYs From Designer Too Wild Photo 2

Of course, there are lots of little ways to decorate a map. I like this floral map because it has a precise pixelated design and it’s very artistic. However, it would be appropriate for all nations if you choose, although I’m pretty sure some people would even like to learn the basic level of map design!

Cool Wall Art DIYs From Designer Too Wild Photo 3

For a highly customizable map, you have to find a way to melt the map receivers so they won’t actually be able to stand on the ground. Instead, you could use the receivers on top of the map. Have a look at the tutorial from frugalupstate to find out a simple method for building such a mount.

Cool Wall Art DIYs From Designer Too Wild Photo 4

Another idea is to create your own custom wall art by upcycling cardboard pieces into maps. Have a look at the tutorial featured on thebluegreenchaotic to find out a few helpful tips for working with maps. After you’ve made your map art, you can also use it as a kind of decoration for your home.

Although you probably won’t want to use your map just for decorative purposes, you can use its map-themed accent wall piece in a smaller way. Check out these map-themed Christmas decorations featured on thethingsshemakes. The tiny progress posts make the design more interesting even though they’re not literally map-themed.