This is the Michel design. It’s a very simple but also a very functional creation. The table is made of wood and has a natural finish. It’s actually called the Michel Gaucho because of its shape and the overall simplicity of its design.The table was designed by Mario Moreno Acosta and Julio Irassociado from Insulia Design. Even though the materials are chosen as closely as possible, the results are very different when it comes to finishing materials.

The table is made of wood only and it has a very uncluttered design. It features a continuous line of birch veneer on all sides of the table top, except for the two area where it has been cut horizontally. The rest of the table top is white and consists of anige marble, with a dark brown wooden base. The combination of materials is a very well-balanced one and the result is a very beautiful and subtle visual impact.

The place where the cut lines occur is deep and has a rough texture to it. This is a detail that helps with the whole integration of the table into the surrounding environment, making it feel less like a vintage piece of furniture and more like a modern decoration. The design of the table was also chosen because it’s practical and functional. It has four legs and a square top but the legs are also available in a variety of different wood types, making it easy to match the table with other pieces of furniture or to create coordinated and cohesive decors.