Office cork boards are usually very simple and functional and don’t take much space. However, when you need an extra space for your notes or your business cards you can always improvise.smoth3 is an Amsterdam-based design studio that came up with a very interesting and easy to implement idea.

The studio created three different types of cork boards. The first type is the Office Cork Board. It’s sort of a printed piece that is made of corkboard hardware. It’s a simple and interesting way of displaying your work. The second type is the Home Cork Board and it’s a more versatile alternative. The third type is the Interior Cork Board. It’s a hanging board that you can install on any wall of your home. You can place it anywhere you want. You can hang it on the front door, on the hallway but also on the walls.

Notice all the colors and prints that are actually part of the corkboard design. If you like these colors and patterns you can take a look at the original version. It’s called Office Cork Board and it’s basically the same thing. It’s just a temporary board. The construction of the corkboard is made of laminated pins.

After these pins are glued onto the board one by one and then you’re basically done with it. This interesting temporary work of art is an easy DIY project. Of course, you would need to use temporary lumber for this project so you might need a few hours to complete it.{found on yachtisunshine}.