People have been using barrels to create almost everything from wine racks to stools and even barrels for a very long time. But not everyone is so passionate about these historic and extremely rare objects and this is a good example of how someone can’t help to appreciate a piece of history and transform it into something creative and beautiful.

The tables, whatever they may be, are definitely unusual and they can be used for a variety of purposes. You can display them in your home or garden, use them as tables for your home theater or even as coffee tables. They can be simple or embellished and you can also make them to fit the décor or the design of the room. Try to use wood that has special textures and forming lines or bubbles.{found on freckleymachine}.

Wooden Barrels Tables: DIY Projects And Unusual Uses Photo 2

If you can find a few barrels just looking like a coffee table, you can turn them into interesting picture frames. The thread them as well as the pieces of wood is a very creative way of creating an original image and a focal point for the room.{found on the-bod}.

If you decide to use wine barrels as centerpieces or table decorations for the room, take a look around and see what else you could do with all those remnants of the past that you keep around the house. Perhaps they could all be used to make a new centerpiece or table for your home.{found on the-bod}.

Another very ingenious idea would be to use a few barrel blocks to make a very lovely and rustic accent table for the dining room. The blocks would have to be bought or salvaged and they would each become a unique piece of furniture. They’ll have a very interesting story to tell and they’ll also match the rest of the décor beautifully.{found on site}.

Here’s another very interesting idea: if you take an old barrel and rim it into a great candlestick holder which can be actually used as a decorative piece. However, keep in mind that this barrel will have to be cut into three pieces. Once you have the necessary pieces, remove the castor wheels and sand down the barrel.{found on theharpsterhomes}.

A barrel turned into a unique picture holder is actually a very clever and creative idea. Such a feature could be used in a variety of contexts. For example, the living room could use such an ornament. You can display framed photos on it or shelves.

A similar idea would be to use a barrel to make a small desk with hairpin legs. It would have to have a small wooden top and a sturdy base. You can put hairpin legs on a desk and customize it however you want.{found on hmaclassesign}.

Another way of making the barrel coffee table or desk centerpiece is to cover it with moss. It would have to be a nice layer for plants and you can put a few branches on it. This would create a very beautiful organic backdrop.{found on Hermasunkel}.

Here’s how you can make a table with a tiled top. You basically just have to cut out the tiles. Fill them with soil and then make sure to let them dry. After that, simply make a frame to cover the table.{found on sarahhearts}.

Transform an old barrel into a large planter. If you want, you can also use a similar technique to make other planters. You can cut the barrel into smaller sections and then make the planter. Attach them to the table or place them on the balcony or anywhere else you want.{found on freckleschick}.

This is another very interesting technique. It requires a few supplies like tall, narrow windows, resin, nails, guide edges, screw-in rubber bands and driftwood pieces. First, clean the barrel of all the things. Then fill it with soil and add some plants. Trim the edges and make a pattern. Voila! A beautiful, botanic-inspired planter.{found on dukesandduchesses}.

And this is the grandpa version of a turtle planter. It’s a great idea if you have a turtle outside for your yard or garden. Take one of its shells, put some sand inside and then cover it with a piece of driftwood. It will make a lovely planter and a great gift as well.{found on tretoen}.