Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Mirrored Coffee Tables By Jackson Clements Burrows

Melbourne-based fashion designer Jackson Clements Burrows (has launched two collections – one silver, made from silver mirrors, and the other a timber table) has launched a pair of mirrored coffee tables. These are perfect for a modern, sleek interior like […]

Floating Shelf Cabinet By Evan Ermurd

The interesting design of this floating shelf cabinet was created by Canadian designer Evan Ermurd.It is called the Floating Shelf Cabinet and it is created in 1972 by Craft Board member Mike Lavoin.Now it is available in laminated glass and […]

Acrylic Coffee Tables By David Trubridge

This is an acrylic coffee table written by David Trubridge. It’s made of acrylic and it’s available in larger and smaller sizes. Made in the UK, this coffee table is made of high quality teak and natural stone.Available for £400.