You’re looking for some artwork to hang on the walls and didn’t know what else to do? Take a look at this project. Here are some brick wall images and they can help you. In case you’re wondering how exactly you can use these pieces, here they are:

1. Make a stencil.

If you already have a stencil and you simply want to make something new and different, this is an easy project. You’ll need at least one picture which you’ll need to put on display. First make sure the size of the picture is right for the piece. Then decide on a design. This is a great opportunity to really get creative.{found on abeautifulmess}.

2. Paint the back wall.

Another easy option would be to paint the wall and then create a new backsplash. Use a stencil and spray paint. Cover the wall with the paint and then make a stencil. Spray it with black paint and press it against the wall. Then add a second coat. Let it dry and that’s all.{found on beautifulnest}.

3. Decorate the ceiling.

Even though the walls are usually the ones with the brunt of the natural light, if you install a beautiful ceiling you will be able to draw more attention to it. For example, if the ceiling is white, then you can add some colorful accent below it. You can also use a decal and some colored paint. It will take time and patience but it will ultimately result in a beautiful, elegant and chic décor.{found on diyshowoff}.

4. Decorate the outdoor bench.

Take a bench and paint it! Because it’s the perfect piece of furniture to sit on while you read your favorite book, it makes a great idea to turn it into a piece of art. Use your imagination and you’ll be fine. You can even find useful designs. Then, if you take a stick and separate it from a piece of wood, you can make a beautiful, original lamp. It will be a great feature in the reading corner or in the bedroom.{found on homemade}.

5. Decorate a wall.

All you need is time and patience. In this case, all you need is a piece of wall and a big brush. First draw the design and then make small marks with a pencil and then paint. It’s easy and it’s nice that you can do this during the day when you won’t need lit up candles. You can also use a different design for the painted wall but it will only make it look more interesting.{found on site}.