There are a lot of cool DIY projects to try for the kids of your home. For example, one of the most creative ideas would be to get a knitted rug. It’s a very interesting idea that is actually a lot of fun to come up with. To make a circular rug you’ll need thick rope, acrylic paint in white, black and white stripes, a paint brush, a sewing machine, scissors and a rotary cutter.

First you need to cut the pieces of rope you’ll be using into four pieces that are connected by the back loop. Before you do that you can check to see if the pattern you’re seeing is a repeating one. If not, you can cut the same piece of rope into an octagon using a rotary cutter and make a new one. After you cut the octagon, next slide it into the first loop. Create another loop. Continue until you get to the second loop.

After that you can make the other side of the rug and you can secure it by making a cross stitch at the opening in the arch. After that you can give the rug a thorough cleaning. You can now paint the rug or stain it.{found on houseofhawthornes}.