We’re usually so pretentious about the furniture we see in stores that we forget about the other elements that influence our interior design. For example, the bathroom is the area of the house that needs the most attention. No matter how much money you have or how big your home is, you still need a bathroom to feel good.

So if it’s so small and there’s not enough space in there for a big vanity, a small one would be perfect that you can hide behind a stack of towels whenever needed. So here’s a collection of ideas that might help you. Some of them have a vintage look, some have a more modern and minimalist approach and some are actually very functional.

Some might seem like a very elaborate project but if you have the time and patience you’ll be able to accomplish anything similar. Listing these materials is not going to be easy so you’ll need to find a way to make the project easier. In any case, we found some very beautiful and very stylish deconstructed sinks which we decided to include here. They have a subtle industrial look but they stand out beautifully.

Floating Sink Vanity Ideas – A Modern And Unusual Way Of Decorating Your Bathroom Photo 4