Nowadays, more and more homes are adopting a modern and elegant style defined by simplicity and clean and well-defined lines. These days the bathroom can also be considered a multipurpose room. Some homes even include rooms that could be considered extensions of the living space. They are called as vanity rooms and they feature decorative sinks and washbasins that match the design of the washbasin in the bathroom.

Vanity rooms are usually small and it’s why they are so difficult to decorate. They are not the best choice for those who have a large bathroom or for those that want to make the most of their bathroom as well as for their guests. They are less functional and mostly decorative and they don’t offer a very comfortable and pleasant experience. A modern bathroom vanity is a very good choice, especially for small bathrooms. Vanity rooms also make very good use of corners so there’s even more storage space there.

There are several types of vanity rooms to choose from and the shapes and dimensions are variate. They can be small and perhaps even hidden storage spaces behind closed doors or semi-outdoor spaces. If you prefer the latter, a small vanity with a secret storage compartment would be a wonderful addition to your bathroom. Another possibilities would be to opt for a display unit with open storage, one that’s visible at all times, therefore allowing you to see it while relaxing in your bathtub.

There’s also another option, more suitable for small bathrooms. In this case you can opt for a minimalist, built-in sink and separate oval vanity. Another nice detail, for the remodelers, would be to install generous bathroom storage where you can store all your bathroom toiletries and other things.

But even with all these options to choose from, the design remains the same. It’s the minimalism that makes them so great. If you prefer something else in the bathroom, there’s always the option to restore a few cabinets and to give the bathroom a more spacious look or to add some wall-mounted shelves or freestanding storage systems.