The bedroom is the most private part of the house. It’s especially important for a master bedroom because it can be easily turned into a relaxing and calm environment by opening the door. We have selected one of the most creative and interesting ways of using the wood for this project.

This unique bedroom was designed for a house in Tokyo where the owner spent many years looking for the perfect bedroom. The volume features two large windows with black frames and it has a simple and modern interior. But the exterior is not any less interesting. There’s a garden on the rooftop and it runs down the building. It’s a very peaceful place, a place where the owner can relax and clear his head.

The bedroom features a large walk-in closet where the owner can store various things for anyone who wants to use the room. It’s a simple but clever way of extending the décor and of adding some extra space to the bedroom. For the rest of the room, the designer only added a chaise-lounge to the bedroom in order to collapse that area into a more relaxing space. So maybe it’s not such a very good idea to call it a bedroom nook. Anyway, it’s a really cool way of turning the room from dull to fun and relaxing.{found on designboom}