If you’re not a fan of Scandinavian interior designs, then perhaps you would like to try something a little different. Scandinavian style takes advantage of the simplicity of Scandinavian interior designs, with colors and textures that would allow them to integrate in any décor. In the bedroom, for example, you could have a small shelf devoted to personal items or you could display a few books in a bookcase. It’s all about the way you use the furniture and the way in which you adjust the décor to suit your preferences.

As for the colors, neutrals are always a good choice. It’s why a white interior décor would make a soothing and relaxing bedroom. However, if you want to have a more dramatic look, emphasize the big pieces of furniture. Try to use black for the frame or to combine them with all sorts of vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, red, orange, purple and others.

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Also, try to get some natural lighting. It would be terrible not to get light in the bedroom during the day but you can always get some artificial light during the night. And if you’re careful about the details and the design of the room, you’ll also see that there are a lot of beautiful Scandinavian decors that feature the same combination of colors.{pictures sources:alltihemmet, bulbulle,lindenriffithand}.

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