Since the television has spread across the globe, it’s been difficult to find suitable ways to occupy the space under the television. Furniture pieces such as the sofa and the wall unit can often solve the problem. But sometimes there are also others that need to be considered. One of them is the home office.

There’s no single way to decorate a home office. It all depends on the level of productivity employed within the space. But these days there seem to be more and more ways in which we can organize this space and come up with a décor customized for that particular area. The following examples all present a multitude of possibilities and possibilities and can be helpful when searching for inspiration.

Diy Home Offices That Utilize Geometric Shapes And Play With Proportions Photo 2


Diy Home Offices That Utilize Geometric Shapes And Play With Proportions Photo 3

It can be helpful to start with the setup of the bedroom by deciding where you want to place the bed. A small bed would fit nicely in the corner. It can be a built-in piece similar to a shelf. Maybe you can choose a theme for the décor.

Alternatively, try to free yourself from all too many furniture pieces and to use only what you actually need. For example, the most common solution would be to opt for a minimalist décor with a serene color palette, an interesting lighting fixture and clever storage solutions.


If you have a home office that can be accessed from the living room, then it’s best to keep the décor simple and airy. Stay away from huge, bulky furniture and opt for furniture that has a sleek and stylish design.


In the bathroom you have lots of options. For example, you can have a vertical storage unit with open shelves or pockets for storing towels, bath salts and other things or you can have a vertical storage space with pockets attached to the wall.

The lighting is very important in the bathroom and you can creative enough to use sconces along with a mirror and a deuce sconce. Don’t forget the mirror.


If you decide to opt for a mudroom you’ll need to take into consideration the size of the space. A small footprint means a high-maintenance area. Consider using room dividers to separate the room into two sections.

The next thing you can focus on is the overall aspect of the home. Determine the style and the mood you want to achieve and then use common elements to make the mudroom match and complement the décor.{found on southernrevivals}.