As we often keep saying, storage is always there waiting to be unlocked and we never realize it. We usually manage to find the perfect solution for that. But which type of storage are you to work with when decorating the entryway? Surely, a bench is the simplest solution. It’s the perfect solution if you have a small entry or if you need a little extra storage space. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

First, decide on a layout. Then think about the functions that the bench will fulfill. If you’re the type that enjoys reading in the morning or before work, then it should be a bench. If you plan on using it as a guest or after your friends come over, then it has to be something you can store or hide or even be part of the décor.

Entryway Bench Plans With Built-in Storage Photo 2

Depending on your choice you may come with a variety of design options. For example, the bench can be simple and you can have some storage space underneath. If you want it to serve as a companion for the sofa or as a table, then it has to be simple and functional and you need not create a very robust design.

If you’re the type that enjoys reading in bed then you’ll want something just as functional, but in a smaller space. A bench will also do the trick. The key is to choose one that has a bookcase on one side and a storage compartment or a niche for magazines and other small items.

Another very useful thing is a corner bench. This solution allows you to have a comfortable position where you can read and relax. Make sure you choose the right size for your work area. Then you can focus on the design that you want for your entryway, library or any other area of the house.

Finally, we’re leaving you some space to play with the items listed above. If you have a home library then you need a bench to place against the wall and to support the books. Some models come with built-in storage for books and other objects. And if you have an entryway then you can opt for drawers that can accommodate magazines, keys and other such things.

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