When storage space is a big problem in an interior décor, every decision you make will be based on your needs, on how you want to organize the space or on the type of furniture you choose for it. So even if you are not an planner, you can find some solutions that can make a big difference.

For example, counters stores and shelves can help you save space by simply being pulled down sometimes and allowing you to use the rest of the space for something else. So even though you have no plans for creating a large furniture piece, you can find a way to have everything you need right there. In case you need extra storage space, shelves are always a great solution.

They take little floor space and they are very practical. Even though they are not space-saving, they are perfect for storing mismatched boxes and other items that you find during your travels, when you want to pack your bags for next week or are just curious about the way your socks look. Let’s now take a look at a few designs and ideas that you can use as inspiration.