Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Storage Bed Diy By Skazzo

Skazzo has provided a very interesting storage bed series, the Dandy and the Blue, that combines the functions of a proper bed and a certain ship, the bed of a sailor, presented in a new environment. The bed of Blue […]

Reclaimed Wood Crafts From Belgium

If you’re looking for some raw materials to use in your home and industrial ornaments to sprinkle around your home, then you should check out this set of reclaimed wood crafts by Antwerp-based Cebbe. Made from solid reclaimed wood, these […]

Fold Down Table By Tom Faulkner

I’ve always liked those fold-down tables that you can hide under a table until you’re needed. That’s probably the reason why I like this one. I also like the different colors available and the fact that you can place this […]

Wooden Trestle Table With 3 Wooden Legs

Tables are mostly used as decorative elements, but they can also be used as tables. A wooden table adds warmth to your home, plus it’s also a very functional piece of furniture. Got wooden legs? You don’t have to worry […]