Cut-outs can often make a great impact on a home’s appearance. They are often chosen because they bring natural light into the building or because they simply make the surrounding area feel warmer. From this aesthetic perspective, the black trim wainscot and panelling for the flat roof Algarve, Portugal is one of the best examples of this.

With a flat roof, the home is intentionally dark. This is draws the eye upwards and creates a cozy and intimate setting. The black trim reminds us of the peaked geometry of the home’s walls. The brown one is the first thing one would expect to see along the driveway.

Black Trim Wainscot And Panelling For Flat Roof (Algarve) Photo 2

With the driveway being covered in gravel, it would be sad to have to park it on such a shallow surface. But with the black trim, the parking space is the perfect addition to the aesthetic of the home.

Black Trim Wainscot And Panelling For Flat Roof (Algarve) Photo 3

The look of the dining room is further enhanced by the framing of the windows with black panels. It really works as a black detail only the silhouette combined with the black and white paint make the statement.

The initial intention of the homeowners was for the home to have a dark and mysterious aesthetic. With the intentional spacing of the doors and the frame of the home, there is no mystery to the onlookers.

With the cooker on one side and the kitchen on the other, the two can come together without disturbing each other. The view out the window is beautiful and seamless with the black of the trim being used on the white grid.

The focusing the view out the window is even more breathtaking thanks to the sharp angle of the sun above.

With the garage door open, the stairwell becomes a vertical hallway of sorts with the white picket fence dividing it from the carport below.

The stairs are kept safe but at the same time visually connected to the carport below.

The house is on a steep site and only above the basement roof top terrace does the lower level have any windows. This creates a 3-storey home with a small garden on one level and the forest beyond.

The trees and the view are a great cover to the windows on the main level as well as the overhang of the roof itself.

The lower level has a small but sweet layout that leaves plenty of open space for the young family to bring in their daily essentials.

While the window of the home might be small, it still has its perceptive side as well. From the back, it casts amazing shadows that help blend the indoor and outdoor seamlessly.

Back in the day, a winter sun was the reason for the darkened entry. Now, the day has become so calmer with the addition of this black trim.

When the shutters are down, that is.

A black door makes the transformation from dark and mysterious to boldly the open and modern flow of the home.

This simple geometry creates a structure that is as interesting as it is stunning.

The detail of the shutters – their sturdiness through the winter months – plays nicely with the reflective metal that coats the interior and the snow-covered landscape beyond.

The detail of the shutters is an interesting double visual effect. They are sturdier against the snowy landscape, yet have the appearance of functioning against the exterior backdrop. It’s a win-win.

Of course, once you have both the shutters and the roof structure, it is very easy to turn the home into a vertical residence.

The entry is presented in a staircase right next to the roof of the home.

Once in, the handrail leads up to the roof and lines up with the windows. Simple.

The stairs are located so that they take on a side view of the landscape.

The roof terrace is accessible from a flight of stairs on the side of the building. From the viewpoint looking up, the deeper portion of the roof is visible to the interior living spaces.

With the shutters up, the inner volumes of the home take on a more private profile.

Aside from the shutters and the handrail, the passageway is visible to the roof via a semi-circular opening.

The roof opening is designed to be a comfortable place for one or two people to sit.

It even features a view to the smaller woodsy cabin on the downstream side of the property.

Downer Kaoyehama.
Photography by Yosuke Ohtake.
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