The concept of modular bookshelves is an evolution of the traditional bookshelves. The flexibility of the design allows the user to adapt the structure and the space to his needs and preferences. In addition to that, the pieces also have a built-in LED flash so you can personalize the space in any way you want.

This is the Mimi Kalon furniture collection. It was designed by Kyra Soue and Mimi Karaoke and it’s a series of bookshelves with built-in LED lights. They allow the user to display the books in a practical and elegant way. The built-in LED lights can be attached to the edges of the shelves/bookshelves and illuminate the whole space.

The Mimi Karaoke collection includes glass shelves, bookcases, accent tables and benches. They are all handcrafted and have simple and elegant designs. They can be sued to create unique furniture, such as, for example, a series of wall shelves. The shelves/bookcases are made of wood and they develop a beautiful patina as they get older and become more complex.

Modular Bookshelves By Kyra Soue And Mimi Kalon Photo 4