Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Grey Kitchens From Cesar

Cesar is a company with which one can connect with endless expansion of breakfast kitchens. They design and make unique kitchen models which visually connect with ground and ceiling. The kitchen is part of a bigger space, somehow extending the […]

Hutch Cabinet By Keya Samana

The hutch cabinet is a very simple but also very beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a creation of the Spanish designer Keya Samana. It’s a very simple cabinet but the simplicity it displays is also very beautiful. Moreover, it has […]

Platform Bed Design By TAF Architects

The platform bed design by TAF Architects is a very flexible one. The bed is no longer a rigid barrier by which you have to place your belongings as it certainly won’t hurt you. TAF Architects is an industrial design […]

Scandinavian Dining Table By Gaurit

Nowadays most of our homes are minimalist. We never cease to surprise and deceive with our simplicity and lack of diverse and coherent architectural sources. The lack of distinguishing features and decorative elements allowed by modern architecture has provoked people […]

Crafts Table With Drawers

Some of the most interesting parties seem to have nothing to do with the actual party, but rather about the fact that everyone has their own little “cente” or “village” ready to ring the bell. Naturally, the first party also […]

Wood Trunk Tables By Steve Leung

You can call this a coffee table, but it’s not. It’s a set of three occasional tables that sometimes can be used as a storage space for all the mixer that gets into the room. The most common piece of […]

Bookcase Glass Doors By Cardano Padovani

Cardano Padovani designed glass doors for a Paris apartment. This French-inspired design is the perfect choice for the apartment, providing ample natural light without compromising privacy. Shades can be selectively removed depending on the purpose of the access. Separate entries […]