French interior designer Anika Elisabetta recently completed the interior design of a house that is located in Mamadellet, France. The house was specifically designed to be a space where family members can spend time together on a day of their own.

The designer chose to create a unique place where the kitchen is located so that it would feel like a continuation of the dining room. This is why it has a separate space for the families with children and another space for watching TV. It is a modern place with an interesting combination between some traditional elements and a modern touch. Moreover, for this extravagant design project, the use of some simple but elegant furniture instead of massive wood or steel make it a modest place where you can enjoy your meals.

The modern kitchen where the white low table instead of the dark high chairs creates an intermediate level where all dining room tables can fit. To complement this design and its white background and bright drawers, the kitchen has black occasional chairs.

The bedrooms are not lacking either in style or comfort. Fully glazed doors with minimal hardware lead to the bathroom which is clad in dark grey mosaic tiles.

Outdoor Kitchen Pics From Maison & Objet Photo 4

All in all, this chic and modern house is a great place to enjoy some time with family and friends and also get some exercise and eat a bit of nature, making the outdoor spaces even more appreciated and attractive.

Outdoor Kitchen Pics From Maison & Objet Photo 5