This beautiful creation is a DIY wall divider created by Andrea Branzi. It’s a stylish and elegant accent feature that can also be used as a storage space. It allows you to visually separate the kitchen from the living or other spaces in the house. It adds storage space for small objects and gadgets and it’s very versatile.

The idea behind this design is quite simple. It’s an electronic door that can be opened or closed and that can be used to separate the public spaces from the private areas. It’s an useful feature for the bedrooms but it can be useful in other spaces as well. You can start with your existing closet and create a custom system. Have all the pieces assemble before you use the system.

It’s a very useful feature for any room of the house, including the kitchen. You will be able to separate all the items you have from the trash to keep the kitchen clean and organized. Of course, it’s not 100% practical or functional but it’s a great symbol of having a home. You can adopt any opening or closure system you like. You can adapt it to your own preferences and spaces. You can also take into consideration the color of the room and you can match the system to the rest of your décor.

Diy Wall Divider By Andrea Branzi Photo 3