In the case of the bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this room is the usual shades of cool grey and blue. However, what I like about this design from Minosa Design is the simplicity of the color palette, the clean lines and the choice of materials.

This room is part of the Lakes Estate Winery, a beautiful property that features a combination of Mexican heritage and modern design. The overall design is extremely simple. The main idea was to create a relaxing and inviting interior design that would make the guests feel welcomed. The materials sued throughout were timber, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and food-inspired fabrics. They are all extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of interesting projects.

There’s also a beautiful fireplace in the room and a table sharpened with reclaimed wood. The décor is very calm and relaxing. The most interesting elements are the paintings signed by Pietro Russo and Patrick Blanc and the overall image is warm, elegant and casual. The table is placed near the window and is accessorized with two Strawberry Lamps by MoMA. They were purchased by Jane Ellison and later repurposed by Studio Lubic from a separate piece of furniture.

Light Grey Room By Minosa Design Photo 3

The bedroom is simple but serene and relaxing. The color palette is simple and neutralizing the strong contrasts. There’s not much furniture so the focus had to be on the décor. The combination of comfortable seating with rough textures and natural colors strengthens the connection. Overall, the combination is very successful and represents a reflection of the owner’s passion and creativity.

Light Grey Room By Minosa Design Photo 4