When you are planning to remodel your home you have to be certain about the materials, finishes and colors that you want for the new décor. You also need to know how to compensate for that. Most often people want to have an open floor plan but sometimes they find out that an open floor plan doesn’t really meet their needs and they need to make some compromises. Let’s take a look at this contemporary residence.

The residence is located in Vancouver, Canada and it recently got a makeover. After the renovation, it got a new look but the front door was preserved as it always was. It was a decision taken by Jane of Jane & Kelly Interior Design. As you can see, the front door is the main piece and the focal point of the whole décor. Its color and design were the main elements that determined the rest of the décor. The dark frame is meant to match the black steel bars that flank the door and the minimalistic white frames follow the same design.

Door Entryway/foyer Makeover Photo 2

Jane and Kelly Interior Design decided to give the patio a makeover in order to make it brighter and to also match the rest of the house. The renovation also included re-upholstering the sofa and its matching ottoman chairs. Now the patio is more a part of the interior living area of the house and the transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces is less formal. The colors chosen for the décor are mostly neutral tones and subdued tones make these spaces feel particularly warm and welcoming.

Door Entryway/foyer Makeover Photo 4