Fireplaces have always represented the ultimate symbol of intimacy. They can make a wonderful décor addition to any space. However, because they usually come with a strong design, they don’t usually find their way into modern and contemporary interiors. This is partially due to the fact that they usually take a lot of space.

The Neuchâtel fireplace was designed by Antonio Lupi and it’s a wonderful piece of furniture. It’s also a modern fireplace which takes full advantage of the modern times. Such designs are great to complement, regardless of the style chosen for the interior décor. Also, they have a double function as they also serve as both functional pieces of furniture and decorations for the home. This means that they can be sued for a variety of purposes, including display shelves.

The Neuchâtel fireplace is a piece with a rather abstract design. It doesn’t belong in any categories. It’s one of those designs that impress with their sculptural beauty and their ability to fit in minimalist homes. The fireplace is featured in a stylish double-height living room. It has two fireplaces and it’s not just a focal point for the room but also a beautiful detail for its overall design.

Contemporary Fireplace Designs From Antonio Lupi Photo 4