Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Floating Vanity Sink From Escho

The bathroom is the only room in the house where you can do whatever you want, as it is a solitary room so it must be designed and planned in order to free your mind and body from the traffic […]

Luxury Bathroom Vanities From Anitas

A sink and basin that is uniquely made is always a fine idea indeed, but luxury bathroom vanities have a decidedly different appeal. With a vanity living space or even a bathroom nook, the Anitas Luxury Bathroom Vanities here are […]

Bathroom Cabinet Colors And Details

It’s not always easy to pick the right combinations of colors and textures for the bathroom, especially if you are trying to avoid to have a mostly white interior design. But there are also other considerations that you should keep […]

Contemporary Fireplace Designs From Antonio Lupi

Fireplaces have always represented the ultimate symbol of intimacy. They can make a wonderful décor addition to any space. However, because they usually come with a strong design, they don’t usually find their way into modern and contemporary interiors. This […]

Fancy Bathroom Vanity Designs From Timo

There are many things that a bathroom has to offer, each with its own dimensions, shape and special features. The bathroom vanity is no exception in this case. If you want, you can find modern bathroom vanities that are actually […]

Modern Vessel Sink From Ritmonio Via Lago

The new vessel sink design from Ritmonio has made a splash in the modern bathroom market. Designed for the Japanese bath company Sinas, the Sissi B2 modern vessel sink is a minimalist expression that incorporates the simplicity of Japanese design […]

Rock Sink From Antonio Lupi

This is rock, and we love it. We also consider it a modern kitchen faucet for a unique look. The rock sink is part of the new collection from Antonio Lupi. This sink design is perfect for the modern home […]