Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rock Sink From Antonio Lupi

This is rock, and we love it. We also consider it a modern kitchen faucet for a unique look. The rock sink is part of the new collection from Antonio Lupi. This sink design is perfect for the modern home […]

Modern Headboard Ideas

The headboard is like a residence in the bedroom. It’s where the bed is and where it’s also where the nightstands are. Usually, the headboard isn’t placed against the walls and this is an apparently chaotic room décor but in […]

Tiny Stone Cottage In Ontario Lake

This very small but very interesting building is located on the banks of an Ontario Lake. It’s a cottage that has a very unusual look. It’s a small building that has been designed with a whole new look. It has […]

The Coffee Station From Soho

Located in the West Village, in Manhattan, New York, the coffee station from Soho is the new concept one of this cosmopolitan landmark that has been envisioned and designed by New York based international design firm Vara. It is a […]

Blue Grey Curtains For The Windows

Turn a dull room into a little more colorful and cheerful with some nice curtains. They can be a great choice because first of all they will change the atmosphere and they will create a connection between that area and […]